Our spacious, recently renovated rooms provide state-of-the-art health care with hotel-style comfort. 

Our family-centred model of care means the entire birthing process takes place within your room--from admission to labour and recovery.  Each room includes a private bathroom and shower, a flatscreen television and room for your support person to spend the night.

In addition, we have two operating theatres for families having a caesarean (C-section) birth. There is also a large shower room and Jacuzzi bath to support pain management in labour or comfort after birth.

Site Stats

# of Deliveries:

# of Delivery Rooms:

Providers: Ob/MW/FM/Peds/Anesthesia

Level of Care: (Level, GA, Risk Factors, Twins, )


Pain Management Options:


Oshawa - 3rd Floor, G wing and F wing

If you're entering through the North entrance, go straight ahead, past the escalators until you reach the end of the hall. Turn right and follow the hallway to the G-Wing elevator. When you reach the 3rd floor, turn left off the elevator and make a right to find the main entrance to our program.  To visit someone staying in our F wing, just turn right off the elevator and enter through the doors.

Our Unit

Meet the Team


Dr. Jayna Amting

Dr. Gregory Athaide

Dr. Melanie Campbell

Dr. John Ibrahim

Dr. Elizabeth Jana

Dr. Stephanie Leung

Dr. Ryan Li-Yun-Fong

Dr. Olivia Murnaghan

Dr. Shambe Mutungi

Dr. Paul Pancham

Dr. Nazia Tauseef

Dr. Emmanuel Udoeyop

Dr. Sabrina Youash

Dr. Muhseen Yusuf

Family Medicine Obstetrical Providers

Dr. Brenna Ammons

Dr. Natasha Aziz

Dr. Aubrey Kassirer

Dr. Kate Newton

Dr. Jaclyn Oldham